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This website is dedicated to the big Devantier Family.

It means all descendants of the first Main Branch Pierre Devantier & Marie Labove. Both born in France in the first half of 1600
The first Main Branch of the Devantier family consists of 10 branches an American, an Australian, a New Zealand, a German, a Danish, a South African, a Brazilian, an Icelandic. a Canadian and a Norwegian
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The second main Branch are Descendants of Nicholas Devantier. Born in the first half of 1500 in France

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I have found several cousins, both near and distant and have come across some great additions to all the information.

Thanks to all who continue the research Not all the information on these pages is authenticated as yet....

Although I'm working constantly at checking and recording sources. It's only as good as the information gathered from government records, church records, relatives, and online sources.

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(Video) The History of the Devantier Family from France to Germany and on to Denmark - Part 1. (in Danish with English subtitles)

(Video) Peder's story. A small video about Peder (Peter) Pedersen Devantier. My Great great Grandfather (in Danish with English subtitles)

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