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Matches 1 to 23 of 23 for Tree equals Devantier Tree AND Branch equals Hans Peter Julius Lund (1868-1935) Branch

 #  Family ID   Father's Name    Mother's Name    Married    Location 
1 F2708
Brothen, Gilbert Leroy Lund, Theodora Marie 1 Mar 1927 Stanley, Chippewa County, Wisconsin, USA  
2 F2757
Brothen, Murray Jerome Andersen, E.   
3 F2756
Brothen, Oscar G Verbonse, D.C.   
4 F2758
Garrison, Oliver Horgen, Charlotte Alice   
5 F3329
Goudey, Hatfield Gregory, Viola Elizabeth 4 Jun 1939 Jackson, California, USA  
6 F3328
Gregory, James Alexander Lund, Anna Kristin 30 May 1917 Stanley, Chippewa County, Wisconsin, USA  
7 F4477
Hagen, R.J. Lund, J.D.   
8 F2713
Lund, A.J. Lund, Linda   
9 F4095
Lund, Albert Oscar Pfaffenroth, Dorothea Helene 2 Jul 1932 Chicago, Cook County, Illinois, USA  
10 F4762
Lund, Carl Newlon, Florence Marguerite 2 Apr 1921 Thorp, Clark County, Wisconsin, USA  
11 F2690
Lund, Carl Cornwell, Mathilda Amelia 9 Feb 1942 Thorp, Clark County, Wisconsin, USA  
12 F2710
Lund, Edward Peter Hatfield, Fern A   
13 F3293
Lund, George Alexander. Randall, Gladys   
14 F3407
Lund, George Alexander. Fischer, Betty   
15 F5195
Lund, Gerald Albert Lund, Geraldine Rose   
16 F2754
Lund, Gordon Dale Van der Jagt, Delores 16 Jul 1949  
17 F2755
Lund, Gordon Dale Schultz, A.   
18 F3327
Lund, Hans Peter Julius Sørensen, Maren Dorthea 30 May 1891 Stanley, Chippewa County, Wisconsin, USA  
19 F4810
Lund, T.C.    
20 F2759
Rooney, Dale P. Shervey, S.   
21 F2694
Schilling, Herbert Shervey, S.   
22 F4763
White, Clarence Emerson Lund, Dorothy Vera   
23 F4764
White, Jack