Baggesensgade, Copenhagen, Denmark



Matches 1 to 13 of 13

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Andersen, Ane Sofie  1 Feb 1916Baggesensgade, Copenhagen, Denmark I2013
2 Andersen, Ane Sofie  1 Feb 1921Baggesensgade, Copenhagen, Denmark I2013
3 Andersen, Ane Sofie  5 Nov 1925Baggesensgade, Copenhagen, Denmark I2013
4 Andersen, Ane Sofie  5 Nov 1930Baggesensgade, Copenhagen, Denmark I2013
5 Devantier, Carl  1 Feb 1916Baggesensgade, Copenhagen, Denmark I6014
6 Devantier, Carl  1 Feb 1921Baggesensgade, Copenhagen, Denmark I6014
7 Devantier, Carl  5 Nov 1925Baggesensgade, Copenhagen, Denmark I6014
8 Devantier, Carl Emil  1 Feb 1916Baggesensgade, Copenhagen, Denmark I2012
9 Devantier, Carl Emil  1 Feb 1921Baggesensgade, Copenhagen, Denmark I2012
10 Devantier, Carl Emil  5 Nov 1925Baggesensgade, Copenhagen, Denmark I2012
11 Devantier, Carl Emil  5 Nov 1930Baggesensgade, Copenhagen, Denmark I2012
12 Devantier, Elna Johanne Kristine  1 Feb 1916Baggesensgade, Copenhagen, Denmark I2015
13 Devantier, Otto Emil  1 Feb 1916Baggesensgade, Copenhagen, Denmark I2014